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While serious problems such as retinal detachment (separation of the retina from its connection at the back of the eye) can occur suddenly and require immediate care, most people are unaware of its symptoms. As a result, they may not get the treatment needed to stave off permanent vision impairment and even blindness. When researchers surveyed a relatively small sample of patients to test their knowledge about eye diseases, they found that very few were aware of the symptoms or treatment of retinal detachment, acute angle-closure glaucoma, giant cell arteritis, or central retinal artery occlusion. These four diseases can cause permanent vision loss if not treated quickly and appropriately. The diseases have the potential to alter lives.

Retinal detachment symptoms include flashing lights; giant cell arteritis can cause fever and vision loss; central retinal artery occlusion causes painless, sudden vision loss; and acute angle-closure glaucoma causes severe pain and blurry vision.

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