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Blurred vision is a potential complication experienced by diabetics. Short-term blurriness among diabetics is caused by fluid shifting into and out of the eye due to high blood sugar levels, which causes the lens of the eye to swell. As the lens changes shape, its light-focusing ability is altered, resulting in blurriness. Fortunately, this short-term blurriness resolves soon after sugar levels are lowered. Diabetes can also cause short-term blurriness when abnormally low sugar levels (hypoglycemia) exert an effect on the brain. Vision affected in this manner normalizes after glucose levels return to normal. Diabetes is just one condition that can lead to blurred vision. Blurry vision should be checked by the ophthalmologist, especially if it is sudden.

Are you diabetic? In its early stages, you may not notice any change in your vision, but diabetes can turn sight-threatening. Regular eye examinations by your ophthalmologist are the best way to detect eye diseases. At MAYO EYE CENTER, we believe that treatment requires a “team” made up of both you and your doctor. Annual testing is the only sure path to early detection. Please call 662-234-3937 to schedule an appointment. We’re located at 2890 South Lamar Blvd.

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