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Eyeliner may be an essential make-up component, but it must be applied so that it doesn’t endanger eye health or vision. Incorrect application on the inside of the lash line invites the liner to enter the eye and cause symptoms. For instance, the waxes and pigments in the liner can bind to contact lenses, leading to reduced vision quality, blurred vision, and possible eye irritation. Even worse, if the eyeliner becomes contaminated with bacteria, it can pose a potentially serious risk of infection. According to research on the matter, it was found that applying eyeliner to the inside of the lash line is associated with 15% to 30% more particles moving into the eye than applications outside the lash line.  The gums, silicones, oils, waxes, and other ingredients found in eyeliner are designed to make it adhere securely to skin, which is why it is so difficult to remove eyeliner from eyelids and contact lenses.

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