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Because glaucoma may initially cause no symptoms, it is important to detect it early with a comprehensive eye exam. At that point, the eye doctor will carefully inspect the optic nerve at the back of the eye and measure eye pressure. Both “open-angle glaucoma” and “closed-angle glaucoma” involve elevated inner eye pressure. However, in about one-third of all cases, eye pressure remains in the normal range, but optic nerve damage still occurs. Because “normal-tension glaucoma” can still result in optic nerve damage, it is important that it be treated. Research shows that, even if a patient’s eye pressure is still in the normal range, lowering the pressure with medication can prevent optic nerve damage from worsening. Treatment for glaucoma to improve the eye’s natural drainage or create a new route for drainage may include medications, laser treatment, or eye surgery.

The early detection of glaucoma is key to controlling its progression and preventing further damage. At MAYO EYE CENTER, our goal is to provide you and your family with quality, convenient, affordable eye and vision care, while giving you the attention you deserve. We’re located at 2890 South Lamar Blvd., where we are currently accepting new patients. Our office uses state-of-the-art equipment and keeps up-to-date on all the latest procedures. Your eyes deserve the best – give us a call at 662.234.3937.

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