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One of the ways that ophthalmologists assess glaucoma patients’ risk of blindness is to monitor their “intraocular pressure” (inner eye pressure), which can rise high enough to damage their optic nerves. Such is the case with patients suffering from “open-angle glaucoma,” which accounts for about 90% of all cases. With this most common form of glaucoma, the eyes’ drainage canals become blocked over time, causing an increase of intraocular pressure and any resultant optic-nerve damage. With all this in mind, it is quite notable that researchers have recently developed a “smart” contact lens with a built-in sensor that can monitor eye pressure 24 hours a day. This device may provide a more accurate and convenient way to determine the glaucoma’s progression.

Everyone is at risk for glaucoma. People at high risk for glaucoma should have a complete eye exam, including your eye dilation, every one or two years. At MAYO EYE CENTER, we are highly specialized in treatment of eye conditions. For more information or other eye health-care questions, or to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive eye examination, we invite you to call us 662-234-3937. We’re located at 2890 South Lamar Blvd., where we provide quality eye care for the entire family.

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